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Sunday, 8 October 2017


Matched Betting | mbprofits.co.uk UPDATE : As many of you know, in January 2004 I left my wage slave job of almost 10 years (which I actually very much enjoyed) and took what was at the time a truly massive leap of faith into the world of self employment, into the world of making money for me and not someone else - Fast forward 13 years I'm still very much here.

Over the years I have ventured down many different roads, some so very highly productive, others not so - I have also met and worked with some truly amazing, inspirational, highly successful people and I really do consider myself very lucky, exceptionally fortunate to have gained the knowledge and experiences that I have gained over the years - Looking back there is nothing I would change, I have always gained be it financially or educationally from pretty much every experience.

Income wise I have always, absolutely always only ever 'worked with' businesses / opportunities that were credible, ethical, offered the end user real value and were fully accountable - Over the years I have seen so many many 'opportunities' and seen far too many 'chancers' come and go, many of which robbing people along the way - I have friends who have lost large sums of money due to 'the next big thing' being nothing more than someones elaborate plan to simply 'fleece' people - Fortunately I have managed to steer well clear of such bullshit keeping myself firmly rooted in the areas of credible and respected income.

Just as with life, in business there are new opportunities presented on a daily basis, and recently I have taken considerable notice of a new income opportunity - My new 'business partner' is yet again credible, ethical and fully accountable - Furthermore it is a globally recognised, trusted, respected, highly credible brand providing the very best in value for money! - I'm not moving away from Matched Betting, it absolutely works just as I have continually, repeatedly proven over and over and over again.

After all, who else do you know that has turned just £100 into £22K tax-free cash profit?

My new income stream is pretty much totally offline thus online I will continue to openly promote and passionately recommend Matched Betting but due to my new offline activities my online activities are being scaled back - The information found upon this blog is still totally, utterly relevant, absolutely! - Some of the content will become a little dated but in principle everything upon my blog remains factually correct.

So, I may no longer be shouting as loud but my income must always come first and though exceptionally proud of what I have achieved with Matched Betting, when significantly more income is clearly presented, well, it's foolish not to at the very least take a detailed look? - I am still contactable and I will still happily engage but please be patient as 40 hours of my week, with immediate effect are now diverted away from Matched Betting ....