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Friday, 9 June 2017

Attitude Of Gratitude :

Matched Betting | mbprofits.co.uk UPDATE : A year ago yesterday I ventured down a new and unknown road.

I gave myself just £100 in Working Capital to 'test' the system, to go on the journey with. I was fully prepared (and almost expecting) to lose that £100.

In total, over the last year I have 'worked' (if you can call it that?) on 291 days.

My original £100 has now grown and grown well beyond any expectations into an exceptionally healthy £8291.24! Yes, you have read that right, in just 291 'working' days an investment of only £100 has now become £8291.24!

Nowhere, absolutely nowhere can you legally see that type of return on such a small upfront investment in yourself! This is my money, money that has been in my pocket, not money sat somewhere in cyberspace, this is hard tangible cash!

I am so very very grateful that after years of 'trying this' and 'trying that' that my persistence to make a daily income from the internet has paid off. And just £100 has done that!

So, I'm one full year in and this has not even really started yet!

What I do (as an industry) is now well over 10 years old and unlike most things that I have looked at over the years there is absolutely no shelf-life with this as the industry in the UK alone is worth BILLIONS £'s! I don't rely on anyone else, this is my money from my efforts.

I now associate with people who live full time from this, they have bought houses with CASH because of this and the real beauty of all of this is; If you can follow simple instructions then you too can so very easily make money just like I do.

And when friends and contacts message me to tell me about the money that they are making because of a post of mine that has inspired them into action, well, that feeling of sharing success is totally, utterly amazing and I am so very very grateful for that! It really is such a wonderful feeling!

The good times are cemented in and here to stay and my Attitude of Gratitude is just that, I am indeed so very very grateful.

Please do share and spread this status as it just may help somebody else and the more people that are making money because of my proven track record the more grateful I become!

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