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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Experience And Wisdom To Share :

Matched Betting | mbprofits.co.uk UPDATE : For a shade over 11 years I have been self employed. In that time I have earned some really good money, worked with some truly amazing, highly successful people and promoted some mind-blowing products and services. I have also observed and learned a great deal.

Three of the businesses that I have promoted over the years provided really good, highly credible services that continually delivered to their customers and the businesses paid me exceptionally well. But the problem was this;

The people who established and set up these businesses (not related) clearly had very good ideas and worked so passionately and exceptionally hard with vigorous determination to build their respective businesses, to build credibility, to build a strong and so very positive brand.

And then, someone with a few £'s behind them seen the value of the business and made the respective owners an offer that they simply couldn't refuse!

(Money always talks!)

Naturally and quite understandably the owners sold up. And with that the new and rather excitable (trigger happy) owners rapidly try to fix something that was never broken in the first place and in turn unintentionally drive the business at full speed, fully blinkered into the ground!

What I'm trying to say is this;

Because of my knowledge and experience, I no longer allow myself to rely on somebody else to 'run the business' that puts food on my table. Whilst you need to totally, utterly focus to make your business, your income stream, your team work, to make it all a dynamic and highly positive success, please please please don't lay all of your eggs in just the one basket.

When the plug is pulled you will sink quicker than the business does ....

I now make money for me and me only and I am no longer reliant on somebody else's business decisions, be them good or poor and that's why I do what I do hence what I post. I have nothing to promote, I simply share my on going success, that's success that every UK based reader of this post can so easily join me in.

I love networking and I absolutely love success - I love learning and I love both building success and sharing success!

I sincerely hope that my daily business / motivational posts will be of interest, use and inspiration. Naturally, all request to connect from the like-minded successful go-getters of the world very gladly accepted ....

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